My Story

Hello, I’m Mark Petit. I’ve been writing poetry and song lyric for some 40 years, but until recently I never published my work. Rather, I’ve made my living as a software developer for over 35 years and in fact I’m still at it.  For years I entertained fantasies of writing a book, but the reality is I was always too busy with life and my day job.  Well, I finally did it. My first book titled:

Anybody Want a Peanut

is a book of poetry. About six months or so prior to publishing this book, I was going through my personal archives of poetry and lyrics that I’d written over the years (kind of the way one might open an old photo album). I was pleasantly surprised to realize I had a large backlog of work.  Some of it was even pretty good :).  I decided the time had come to bring this stuff together into a book.  It’s been a leaning experience and I’ve enjoyed it and plan to continue. In fact, as I approach retiring from my software development career, I plan to transition to writing full time.

It’s kind of funny.  Those who know me only professionally are saying: What?  Petit writes poetry?  <snicker/>  You can check out my professional profile on linkedin if you are so inclined. https://www.linkedin.com/in/markpetit/

But more about me as a poet and writer can be found on my Smashwords profile and interview here.

I’ve gone from writing code to writing poetry. Both are highly creative endeavors. Anyone who writes, and chooses to publish that writing is sharing that work to make a connection. I hope you find enjoyment in reading my work, that it touches you in some way.

So please come back often as I always publish my most recent poem on the home page. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line using the contact form, or leave a comment on an article in my blog where I sometimes share the backstory of a poem.